Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newest Changes

I can't believe I've made the journey from 3 cream & 3 sugar in my coffee to completely black! Today is day 3 and I'm starting to like it... Also, the flax muffin in a minute (MIM) has been such a blessing. It provides bread & buns without any wheat gluten and gives me a fair amount of fiber that I wouldn't be getting otherwise. One night while I was at East Side Mario's, I was inspired and asked for my side veggies to be tossed in alfredo sauce. MMMMMMM! What inspiration!

Where else is this journey going to take me I wonder? Looking back at all the changes I've made in the last little while just floors me! I can hardly believe that I'm the same person! I don't regret my life up to now but I wish I had known how healthy this way of life would make me feel - I would have adhered to it much sooner! I'm discovering that more and more options are opening up to me... How do you decide what to do when there are soooo many options? LOL

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